What seems simple yet complex to do in life?

Speaking truth, speaking the truth is not very difficult, but it is very difficult to choose which people have to speak in front of and what place to speak.

Relationships are very easy to make but getting them to the right place and then it is very difficult to keep them whole life.

In life, we make many decisions every day, but there are some decisions that can change the whole life. Therefore it is very difficult to think and act according to decisions.

Often, we try to recognize the person only from the above appearances and believe in the wrong person. Belief is not wrong, but believing in the wrong person is dangerous, so it is very difficult to recognize the right person.

It is very difficult to accept your mistakes by breaking the gap of your pride and apologizing to the front.

It is very difficult for the person who has hurt your faith and love, and then forgive him and give him the same place again in the heart.

It is very difficult to feel the pain of others and feel happy in others’ happiness.

It is very difficult in life to do the work that is forced to go against the voice of your soul and compelled to do the work

This is a journey of life, fulfilling every single phase and achieving the goals of your life without distraction is difficult but full of excitement.

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